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Trip Booking Terms and Conditions

The company is established under the laws of Nepal Government and accepts your reservations /booking under the following terms and conditions.  Please kindly read the terms and conditions before you proceed to book your trip carefully.

Life Dream Adventure offers various types of adventure and leisure holidays in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.  Trekking, tours, adventurous sports, peak climbing, rock climbing, rafting, mountain expedition, flight ticket booking and hotel reservation in Nepal.  We deal on various touristic activities in Nepal and provide various travel services.

The company is established under the laws of Nepal Government and accepts your reservations /booking under the following terms and conditions.  Please kindly read the terms and conditions before you proceed to book your trip carefully.

  1. The clients should have good health and physical fitness for all trips. In case of mountain expedition, peak climbing and long trek we recommend a physical examination for all trekkers and climbers.
  2. While booking a trek with Life Dream Adventure travelers/trekkers must be protected by insurance which covers cancellation, accidents, health, emergency evacuation, theft of, damage to baggage and other unpredictable events. All costs for emergency evacuation must be paid in cash in Nepal unless an insurance company has agreed to pay the costs on your behalf. It is important that any insurance policy issued to cover emergency evacuation for a trek does not exclude alpinism or mountaineering. Rescue insurance is not available in Nepal.
  3. Life Dream Adventure Pvt. will not responsible for any delays or changes in itineraries caused by an act, omission or other circumstances on the part of domestic airlines or helicopter companies in Nepal so the trekkers and travelers should understand that such situations may occur, and we will not be able to inform them of each possible problem.
  4. If any client causing inconvenience or annoyance to other travelers and trekkers, or creating difficulties that would hamper the smooth running of a trip Life Dream Adventure Pvt. reserve the right to refuse to continue to take that client. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to baggage or personal possessions, or any consequential losses resulting from any incident. If a traveler and trekker is injured or becomes ill, all evacuation and hospital expenses, doctors' fees and repatriation costs are the traveler and trekker's responsibility, Life Dream Adventure Pvt. shall not be liable for any refund of the tour fare.
  5. The travelers and trekkers should have valid passports, visas and other necessary equipment that may be required on some selected tours. We do not take responsibility for failure to obtain these visas for any reason, and do not take responsibility for any passports or documents left with us for this purpose.
  6. Your booking (if we are able to do so) will be confirmed on receipt of your deposit with certain Percent of the price of the Programs. You will be invoiced for the rest of the cost, which is payable before the tour departure.
  7. If your balance is not paid at the specified time (unless previously arranged with us in writing) Life Dream Adventure Pvt. can cancel your booking.
  8. If you cancel your booking, your deposit will not be refunded. However, if you provide notification of your cancellation to us before your final payment is due; your deposit may be transferred to another tour listed in this web site at any time period.
  9. If you cancel your booking after you have paid for the holiday in full and less than 10 weeks before departure the following charges are applicable (for this purpose the day will calculated when the written notification is received by us):

    * If you cancel the trip 6 weeks before your departure 0% charging cost is applicable (deposit non-refundable)
    * If you cancel the trip one month before departure 25% charging cost is applicable
    * If you cancel the trip 3 weeks before departure 35% charging cost is applicable
    * If you cancel the trip two weeks before departure 45% charging cost is applicable
    * If you cancel the trip one week before departure 65% charging cost is applicable
    * If you cancel the trip three days before departure 85% charging cost is applicable
    * If you cancel the trip on same before departure 100% charging cost is applicable

    (Note: This is the cancellation policy implement by Life Dream Adventure Pvt. but if your adventure tour, trekking , climbing , expedition will be extend without any cancellation charge till one year and cost will be determined accordingly if only cancel the trip two weeks before)
  10. If you cancel your booking due to unpredictable situation, your deposit and any other payments will be refunded in full. However, if our cancellation is due to ‘force majeure’ any reasonable expenses we have incurred will be deducted from your refund. (War, civil or political unrest is usually known as force majeure). All refunds and compensation are strictly limited to moneys paid to us and we are not liable for any expenses you have incurred as a result of this booking. Your booking will not be cancelled after the final payment is due unless we are forced to do so by force majeure.
  11. Life Dream Adventure Pvt. can alter the prices quoted in this web site in the event of external factors beyond our control, e.g. changes in exchange rate or government action etc. If any price increases exceed 10% of the total cost, you are free to cancel your booking and will obtain a full refund of all moneys paid, excluding the insurance premium. However, no additional charge will be made less than 30 clear days before the date of commencement of your tour, except in the case of bookings made during that period where additional charges may be made up to. Life Dream Adventure will make no stone unturned to avoid any increases to the prices shown in this web site.
  12. We are trying our best to arrange your hotel room and bed as per your request though smoking preferences are not guaranteed.
  13. The tour leader or local ground operator who represents Life Dream Adventure Pvt. Ltd has overriding authority on our tours. By signing our booking form, you agree to do this. If you commit any illegal act on a tour with us or if the tour leader or ground operator believes that your behavior is unfavorable to the safety and welfare of the group as a whole you may be asked to leave the tour without any right to refund.
  14. If you have any complaints in regard to our tours you must be immediately brought to the attention of the tour leader, ground operators or hotelier so that the necessary action to rectify the matter can be taken. However, even if by the end of the tour you still feel you have a valid complaint you must notify the company, in written statement within 14 days of your tour end with Life Dream Adventure Pvt. Ltd.
  15. You should have obtained suitable holiday insurance before joining one of our tours. You may become too ill to continue trek and tour so you must evacuation of yourself at that situation holidays insurance help you. Therefore, we recommend you to use an insurance package through a reliable company in your own country.
  16. Travelers and trekkers should arrange their all necessary travel documents in order.
  17. The contents of this web site have been carefully compiled and at the time of publication facts given are correct and describe fully about tours and expeditions that are offered. If any changes occur we will be notified to you as soon as possible.
  18. The responsibility of any airlines used is limited to the carriage of passengers and baggage in accordance with the conditions of their carriage.
  19. The booking conditions may only be waived by a Director or Directors of the company and in writing. These conditions are subject to and shall be construed according to Nepal Government law.
  20. Wildlife that is mentioned in our web site or itineraries may not be seen during your trip in that circumstances Life Dream Adventure Pvt. and any of our ground operators or representatives will not be responsible.
  21. Due to the thick fogs and bad weather Mountains, peaks, landscapes, rivers, forest, Lakes and other natural sceneries may not be seen as mentioned and described in our web site or itineraries in that  circumstances Life Dream Adventure Pvt. and any of our ground operators or representatives will not be responsible.
  22. Lukla and Jomsom flight may be cancel continue because of bad weather so you must have 3 / 4 days leisure and you must have to pay extra amount for your accommodation.
  23. Lots of dangerous situations such as rock falling, heavy wind blowing, attack from the wild animals and falling from the narrow and slippery trail may be occur during trekking so trekkers themselves must be conscious and responsible about the above mention possible dangerous situations.
  24. While signing the booking form you must show your willingness to accept our terms and conditions. On accepting your booking we agree to carry out our obligations to you as defined in our web site.

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