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Special Interest Tours in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful nation with most of the beautiful and highest mountain of the world sometimes known as hiker’s paradise. Hiking in Nepal is a simple, easy and best way to enjoy the astounding mountains, beautiful landscapes and the wonderful culture in a short and limited time frame. Hiking in foot hills of Himalayas is a very popular adventure activities to explore natural environments, culture and lifestyle of the local people in Nepal. By hiking we can reach each and every destination either it is modern or remote or off beaten path as it consists of walking all day long in beautiful and natural peace environment.

Our special interest tours in Nepal are extra ordinary holiday plans that are organized on special request of our customers. These types of tours are conducted on a special request. Some popular interesting things to do are related to lifestyle, culture, tradition and the occasionally celebrating events.

Our special interest tour packages includes Yoga, Meditation, Volunteering, Shamanism tour, Fishing, horse riding, honey hunting, wild-lives hunting, cooking, and many other activities that can be organize in Nepal. These tours are operated and organized on special request by any one has special interest on them.

Traditional wedding, honey hunting, hunting, fishing, cooking, horse riding are some of the common activities in Nepal for interested people. Volunteering in remote village, filming or documentary or even research works are also arrange if our clients are interested to perform in Nepal. 

Volunteering Tour in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is great and godly program that one would like to accomplish. Helping hands are the hands of God and are greater than any great praying. Anyone wishing to help people, make them knowledgeable, give aids or supports and facilitate for their betterment are heartily welcomed for Nepal volunteering trip.

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Traditional Wedding Tour in Nepal

Traditional wedding customs in Nepal are different in various ethnic community and castes of Nepal. Hindu and Buddhist marriage are by far the most popular among the wedding traditions and ceremonies in Nepalese society. The Hindu and Buddhist religion people believe in traditional wedding. It is believed that traditional marriage ceremonies make the knot of wedding ties lifelong and the relation also goes smoothly.

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Shamanism Tour in Nepal

Shamanism tour in Nepal is the trip to get closer with the ancient shamans and its tricks in Nepal. Shamanism in Nepal exists alongside medicine as a viable healing system. Shamans are consulted by politicians, priests, and laymen alike for healing, divination and as intermediaries with the spirits. The science considers it as superstitious belief but it stands its worthiness since long years.

Fishing in Nepal

Fishing Tour in Nepal

Fishing tour in Nepal is growing among the travelers as one of the best way of enjoying with the water and aquatic life. Nepal is a land of diverse topography, climate, ethnicity and biodiversity. As Nepal is known as the second richest country in world in water resources, it is and appealing place for the aquatic life. Different game fish species found in the rivers draining the Himalaya are pleasant surprise for sportsman looking for fishing or fly fishing tour.

Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal

Duration: 7 Days

Honey hunting tour in Nepal is becoming an amazing experience for adventure seekers. The wild bees in the high cliffs of rock is hunted by the local experts. People with good knowledge of rock climbing and interest to honey hunt can get involved in this adventure activity.

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